It's pretty easy. To get your WEARBEARD Official TShirt you just have to pick your model and size and choose where in the world do you want it to be sent, and then click on the BUY NOW button. That will take you to the PayPal site, where you'll be able to pay either through a PayPal account or with a credit card. By the way, important, no matter how you pay you'll be asked for a postal address; through credit card it's called billing address, through PayPal shipping address I believe. Make sure that address is the one you want your tshirt to be sent, because that's where it'll be sent. Apart from that, it's pretty easy.

However, there's just a couple things about the tshirts you must know first. Men sizes are slightly larger than usual, so if you normally are in between two sizes you should probably pick the smaller. Woman sizes go the opposite way, they're smaller than usual, so you might want to pick a tshirt one size larger than your normal pick if you're a girl. Also, to make the shopping process simpler, you can just buy one tshirt at a time, so if you want more than one you'll have to do this as many times as the number of tshirts you want. Sorry about that. Now, let's go.


Choose model: Choose size:




Where will the tshirt be shipped?
(Shipping costs are included so the price depends on this)
Cell Number (once you fill it in the Buy Now button will appear)
(The shirt will be sent through a private messenger company, which requires a contact number)